Explanation of Types of Public Schools in North Carolina

Note: All of the school types below are public schools, in that they are funded primarily through public tax dollars.

  • Regular School: a public school that students are assigned to attend because they live in the school's attendance area or attendance zone. Such schools are sometimes called “zoned schools,” “neighborhood schools” or “ZIP code schools,” and are normally only open for enrollment to students from a predetermined set of neighborhoods or ZIP codes. Regular schools are by far the most common type of school in the Charlotte area.
  • Charter School: a tuition-free, public school created on the basis of a license or “charter” made with the State Board of Education. Charter schools typically have greater freedom than traditional public schools in personnel policies, curriculum and teaching philosophy. In return, they must make a commitment to meet state standards of accountability. Charter schools are also normally open to students from counties and towns outside of where they are located. Enrollment decisions at charter schools are often lottery-based, with special consideration given to siblings of currently enrolled students.

Student Growth Index Explained

The Student Growth Index of a school is meant to measure how well the school has been growing student learning over time (i.e., years). North Carolina's public schools receive web-based reporting through the Education Value-Added Assessment System (EVAAS). EVAAS is meant to offer an objective way to measure student progress and the value schools add to students' educational attainment. EVAAS is a statistical analysis of North Carolina state assessment data, and the system provides NC schools with growth data to consider, in addition to achievement data.

If a school has a Student Growth Index of between -2.0 and 2.0, the school is deemed to have "met growth", (i.e., met its average projected growth target). A school with a Student Growth Index of less than -2.0 is considered to have "not met growth". Finally, a school with an index of greater than 2.0 is deemed to have "exceeded growth".

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Ardrey Kell High School

Charlotte, NC

Ardrey Kell High School
10220 Ardrey Kell Rd
Charlotte, NC  28277
Phone: 980-343-0860
Mecklenburg County

CarolinaSchoolHub Rating: 10 out of 10 stars

Grades Served: 9-12
Enrollment: 2,966
Type: Regular School    
Ardrey Kell High School

Ardrey Kell High School

Metro Area Ranking

Metro Area High School Ranking: Ardrey Kell High School is ranked #8 out of 108 of the best high schools in Charlotte and surrounding areas (93rd percentile). Cick the link to see all 108 high schools.

State Ranking

Statewide High School Ranking: Ardrey Kell High School is ranked #26 out of 518 of the best high schools in North Carolina (95th percentile). Click the link to see all 518 high schools.

Overall, Ardrey Kell High School is a 10-star school (on a scale of 1 to 10 stars) based on CarolinaSchoolHub’s analysis. The school is located in Mecklenburg County, NC. Ardrey Kell High School has an enrollment of approximately 2,966 students and serves grades 9-12. Below you’ll find information about this school’s test scores and more.

(Exceeded Growth)
Student Growth Score: Ardrey Kell High School had a Student Growth Score of 100.0. This placed Ardrey Kell High School in the 99th percentile of 2410 North Carolina public schools with student growth data available. NCDPI’s growth score measures how well schools grow student achievement over time. Scores range from 50.0 to 100.0 - with 100.0 indicating the highest growth in student achievement and 50.0 indicating the lowest.    

 North Carolina Letter Grades
  North Carolina Overall Letter Grade

Please note: The state of North Carolina assigns letter grades to public schools, on an A through F scale.

North Carolina Standardized Tests

Average ACT Scores

Subject Average Score at
This School
Average Score
This School's State
Percentile Rating
State Percentile
State Average of
All NC Schools
State Average
English 22.5 83rd 17.5
Math 23.9 89th 18.9
Reading 23.9 83rd 19.1
Science 22.9 82nd 18.8
Writing 7 76th 5.6

Nearly all North Carolina public and charter school students who are enrolled in grade 11 for the first time are required to take the ACT. In the chart above, you can get a sense for how the average ACT scores at Ardrey Kell High stack up against those of other high schools in North Carolina.

End of Course Scores

EOC Biology

 53% - Level 5 (Superior)
 53% - Level 5 (Superior)
 36% - Level 4 (Solid)
 36% - Level 4 (Solid)
 < 5% - Level 3
 < 5% - Level 3
 7% - Level 2
 7% - Level 2
 < 5% - Level 1
 < 5% - Level 1

EOC English 2

 18% - Level 5 (Superior)
 18% - Level 5 (Superior)
 67% - Level 4 (Solid)
 67% - Level 4 (Solid)
 6% - Level 3
 6% - Level 3
 6% - Level 2
 6% - Level 2
 < 5% - Level 1
 < 5% - Level 1

EOC Math I

 52% - Level 5 (Superior)
 52% - Level 5 (Superior)
 35% - Level 4 (Solid)
 35% - Level 4 (Solid)
 < 5% - Level 3
 < 5% - Level 3
 < 5% - Level 2
 < 5% - Level 2
 < 5% - Level 1
 < 5% - Level 1

Average SAT Scores
Subject Average Score at This School Average Score
Reading 596
Math 599
Composite Score 1194
SAT Participation Rate 59 %

Ardrey Kell High had an average SAT score of 1194 (math and reading combined). This means the school’s average SAT scores ranked #17 out of 491 NC high schools (97th percentile). On this site, you can see the SAT scores of North Carolina high schools. The SAT participation rate at Ardrey Kell High was 59% in our most recently available data. Above you can also see how the school’s ACT scores compare to other schools in North Carolina.


Student Enrollment Trend

Diversity Indicators

 American Indian - N/A
 American Indian - N/A
 Asian - 20%
 Asian - 20%
 Black - 11%
 Black - 11%
 Hispanic - 8%
 Hispanic - 8%
 Two or More Races - 3%
 Two or More Races - 3%
 White - 57%
 White - 57%

Please note: The numbers above represent combined percentages of end-of-grade and end-of-course tests taken by students at Ardrey Kell High School for the 2016-2017 school year, as reported by the NCDPI. Actual percentages of students may vary somewhat from those indicated.

School test scores, student data and teacher data are from North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) information for the 2016-2017 school year. Rankings for Ardrey Kell High School and other area schools were developed by CarolinaSchoolHub.

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Neighborhoods & Homes Near
Ardrey Kell High School
Allyson Park
Ardrey Crest
Ardrey Woods
Ballantyne Country Club
Ballantyne Meadows
Cady Lake
Landen Meadows
Providence Country Club
Providence Crossing
Providence Pointe
Stone Creek Ranch
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